EV-Charge America Adopts Revised Standard Connector

n equipment manufacturer located in Las Vegas, Nevada, EV-Charge America produces and distributes EV charging stations for a broad range of electric automobiles, including the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf. In an effort to conform to a fast-changing industry, all EV-Charge America stations utilize the new industry standard SAE J1772-2009 charging connector. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about EV Charging connectors:

Q: Who is responsible for developing past and current standards for electric vehicle charging connectors?

A: The Society of Automotive Engineers establishes, maintains, and modifies all standards for connectivity between electric vehicles and charging stations deployed throughout the United States.

Q: What are the advantages of the latest connection standard?

A: In addition to the ability to communicate the charging station and vehicle type, the new SAE J1772-2009 connector is rated to withstand over 10,000 connections and disconnections, amounting to a service life of over 25 years under normal use.

Q: Which manufacturers’ vehicles are compatible with the connector?

A: Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Tesla, and Nissan are among some of the automotive manufacturers utilizing the SAE J1772-2009 connector.

To learn more about electric charging stations, visit evchargeamerica.com.

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