The Cost Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, EV-Charge America manufactures and maintains electric vehicle charging stations at locations throughout the United States and around the globe. Currently, EV-Charge America provides the best value in the industry for a growing number of people who understand that electric vehicles are not only good for the planet but the pocketbook as well.

Although all-electric vehicles (EVs) carry a higher price tag than similar, conventional vehicles, the initial expense can be significantly offset by the much lower operation and maintenance costs associated with EVs. The most obvious savings come from EVs’ dramatically reduced fuel costs. Compared with conventional fuel, electricity is much cheaper to purchase, and the day-to-day operating costs of EVs are considerably lower than gas-powered vehicles. With current gas prices averaging $3.50 per gallon, a conventional auto with a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon costs 11.5 cents per mile to operate. An EV, on the other hand, costs only 2.5 cents per mile. Over the period of a year, if each vehicle travels 12,000 miles, the conventional car owner will spend approximately $1,400 on gas, while the EV owner will only spend $300 on electricity.

EVs not only cost much less to operate, they are also cheaper to maintain. Since an electric car does not use a transmission or a combustion engine, there is no oil and filter to change and no emissions that need testing. An EV’s most expensive maintenance item is its battery, which will typically last for a number of years. Also, many manufacturers offer lengthy battery warranties to provide EV owners added peace of mind.

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